Our Training Programs

This is just a selection of training programs we run with our clients.

Of course all seminars can and will be adjusted to your needs.

We are also happy to create new and innovative training programs for you and with you.


Change Management

Driving change forward is important, but it’s just as essential to sensitize your team to the change coming and equip them with skills needed to master the change.



Leading in times of change and towards a more agile and new world while motivating your employees, sometimes even across cultures can be a real challenge. Our leadership programs are as individual as the challenges you face.


Emotional Intelligence

Knowing yourself is the first step, but to truly develop yourself as a human, you need to develop your Emotional Intelligence. A high EQ has a positive effect on both your life and career.


Team Management

Understanding different personalities, motivating yourself and others and communicating with each other are core tasks when working in a team. You spend a third of your day at work, so why not make it fun and efficient?


Self- and Time Management

Managing your time is essential, but true self-management entails so much more than just using time management techniques.


Presenting & Consulting

Giving presentations, facilitating workshops and design thinking are just some of the skills needed to be a good consultant and agile manager. Train each skill intensively or take part in the inno.c.t. consulting challenge.